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We are available to pick up your deceased pet from your home 7 days a week.
If you require a home euthanasia service, we can refer you to a veterinarian.
Payment for the veterinarian’s service is done directly between the two parties.
Pet Friends does not charge for the referral service.

Eternally Yours - Our Premium Service


Superior service includes:

  • Immediate and gentle pick-up of your pet from your home
  • Individual cremation of your pet performed by certified technician
  • Guaranteed 100% recovery and return of cremains within 3-5 business days
  • Signed cremation certificate with numbered security medallion
  • Record of the cremation is recorded in the crematorium Book of Remembrance


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Paw prints


Treasured Friends - Our Basic Service


keepsake pouches


This is our standard, individual cremation service. This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pick up from clinic within 24 hours
  • Guaranteed 100% recovery and return of cremains 5 business days to the clinic
  • Keepsake satin or velvet pouch with name engraved medallion
  • Signed cremation certificate with numbered security medallion
  • Record of the cremation is recorded in the crematorium Book of Remembrance

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paw prints


With Loving Care - Our Non Ash Return Service


Our protected land overlooking the beautiful Ottawa River

This option is for pet owners who chooses not to have their pet's cremains returned to them, but are adamant in providing their pet with a dignified farewell. Included in this service:

  • Immediate, gentle pick-up of your pet if he/she has passed away at your home OR pick-up within 48hrs from your veterinary hospital
  • A mailed certificate of cremation
  • Gentle and careful scattering of your pet's ashes on our protected land
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paw prints


Dignity & Honor for All


Individual cremation - where your pet is given the dignity and privacy of individuality in the cremation chamber - is a well-respected, time-honored alternative to burial. While being the ultimate gift of love, individual cremation also allows families to bring their pet(s) home; to retain the ashes of their pet and determine a final resting place of their choosing.

"The loss of a beloved pet is always a traumatic experience under any circumstances†It is very important to have a sense of closure when the time comes. 'Grief is a healthy emotion,' commented Averil Robinson from Pet Friends. After all, we are losing a very special member of the family."

- Excerpt taken from article in The Chronicle newspaper, Montreal


Planning a cremation memorial in tribute to your loving, loyal friend helps ease the heavy sense of loss and sadness. This is especially true in the case of pre-adolescent children. When allowed to have a voice and be involved in how to say goodbye to their special friend, children are better able to vocalize their grief and mourn in a healthier, natural way.

One of the important issues is families with children. We recommend that parents be truthful with their children. A parent's response can make the difference to whether the child's first encounter with death will be a positive or a negative part of their personal development. Robinson reflected."

- Excerpt taken from article in The Chronicle newspaper, Montreal

How you choose to lay your pet to rest is a very personal decision, and an important one. Pet Friends recognizes the distinctive needs of each family; our consultative approach ensures that everyone's needs and desires are incorporated into the most fitting homage to your pet. Whatever your budget and desires, at all times Pet Friends honors the sanctity of your deceased loved one. Just take a look at  the unsolicited testimonials we have received  from some of our families:

A little while ago Lupo,my beloved German Shepherd,came Home to Us to be where he truly belongs.I will never forget the day Averil called me many years ago and said " I want to bring Gypsy Home" after the passing of my first German Shepherd and is something that will forever stay with me......Sadly it happened 4 more times because of my Family's Love of the breed but the one constant has always been the professionalism,compassion and genuine care that is the trademark/ethics of the staff at Pet Friends.It is never easy losing a companion and much loved member of the family to be sure but having Nos Copains do what they do best in taking care of the final arrangements makes coping with the loss so much easier to deal with.So to Averil and Team,a simple humble teary eyed but heartfelt Thank You for all you have done in getting Lupo ,Tao,Bo,Shadow and Gypsy back to their Home.
God Bless You All,

From the moment we let Katie go in love and light, in the midst of our devastation, Pet Friends’ support began and continued. From David lovingly wrapping and lifting Katie into his car, to Chantal who gently and with great empathy, walked me through my options. She even called a few days later to see how I was doing. How incredible! I chose to witness Katie’s cremation which amazingly was an option. They let me say goodbye to her one more time, and they had cleaned and brushed her and laid her in her bed. The cremation was beautifully handled by Fernand, Averil and Chantal who were there for support. Today Katie’s ashes came home as delivery is an option one can choose. They were placed in a bag with great care. I honestly had a more humane and supportive experience with Pet Friends than I did when my Mom and Dad passed away. I would recommend Pet Friends to absolutely anyone who goes through the painful journey of losing a pet. Their name is well chosen-they are a friend to your animal as they lovingly care for it after death, and a friend to you while you go through the process of grieving. What an amazingly humane experience. Thank you to you all!

Laurie McMurdo & Katie

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my family and I on the amazing service you have provided our family. During such a difficult time you guided us and made our pain less heart breaking than we were all going through. Gerri was part of our family for 17 years and you made us feel as if you were part of it as well. Your comforting words helped so much. Today Gerri came home forever.



Dear Averil, Gail and Chantal,

Our family would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us during this very difficult time. We greatly appreciate all that you have done to help make this horrible experience a little easier.

After visiting you yesterday I feel so much better knowing Jemma was well taken care of with great respect and honour to get her back to us and back to her home, where she lovingly belongs. It was wonderful to see your company and feel assured that Jemma was treated very well till the very end. So thank you!!!

Thank you a million times over and God bless you all and God bless Jemma as she rests in peace.

Joanne, Lucio, Laura and Lucas D'Alessandro

Dear Averil, Gail and Chantal,

How grateful we are that a place like Pet Friends exists. Saying goodbye to our beautiful Ezee was the hardest moment of our lives and you helped us through it with compassion and empathy. You treated her with dignity and returned her to us with love. Ezee's beautiful urn and paw print bring us great comfort and we will treasure them always.

Thank you to the entire Pet Friends team for helping us through this difficult time.

Diana & Jessica

Dear Averil Robinson and all staff of Pet friends,

We want to thank you very much for your love and sincere care for our beloved dog Tuxedo. We are healing slowly, one day at a time. He is still in our hearts even in this season even though it is not the same. We believed that our Tuxedo was comfortable and at peace while he was in your hands. From all of us we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year 2017. Thank you for the card.

Evangeline, Claire, and Gideon Tandirerung

Dear Averil, Gail & Pet Friends staff,

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your services.

Your compassion during our difficult time is greatly appreciated. You made our experience sending our beloved cat Puke over the rainbow bridge easier to bear.

Thank you so much for taking care of our Puke and returning his ashes home safely to us. His urn & keepsakes are so beautiful. We will cherish them forever.

Jessica & Diana

Thank you Pet Friends, thank you Mrs. Robinson. We are so thankful we went your way and so appreciative of Dr. Prevost who suggested I get in touch with you. Your professionalism made our closure so much easier. Your staff was most helpful, and most sympathetic. Robbie left us with the dignity and the respect, he so well deserved.

Norma Moore

Dear Averil, Gail, Chantal, Kevin and all the wonderful staff at Pet Friends,

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all your kindness and amazing compassion during a very difficult time in our lives. The pain and loss we experienced, with the sudden loss of our beloved dog Bower, was made so much easier with all of our your support and understanding. The attention to detail and the dignity and respect you exhibit, to every cherished pet that comes into your care, is absolutely outstanding. After receiving our call, Kevin and Gail waited close to an hour for us to arrive, even though they were on their way home for the evening. We were greeted with condolences and a comforting hug and had every detail of the process to follow, and our available options, explained without feeling rushed or pressured. We have Bower home with us now, in an absolutely magnificent wooden memory box, beautifully engraved. The little details made all the difference - the little snippets of his fur tied with a bow, the option of having his paw print in ceramic, the lovely card and the angel pin. So professional yet so human - we would give you our highest recommendation.

With our sincere appreciation and gratitude,
Robert, Margaret and Nicholas Gallant
(Jordan and Elizabeth in New Zealand)

To all my new friends at Pet Friends!!

I still am in complete awe as to how beautifully and peacefully made a very difficult experience a lovely memory. I will never forget my final times with Denver and how it was all possible because of all of you. Thank you all yet once more!

Love and best wishes,

Dear Averil,

Thank you and your compassionate team, you helped ease us through the most difficult of days and gave us the opportunity to say our proper goodbyes to our best and most loyal friend. We truly appreciate your warm, caring and personalized approach.

Kind regards,
Lily & Yves
(Rusty´s parents)


We picked up our engraved urn for Julie yesterday, and we have to tell you again that it turned out wonderfully. Thanks for accommodating our custom order. We are so appreciative of the care and kindness demonstrated by Chantal and Gail and the technician who attended to Julie.
Being able to be there with Julie for the cremation was very meaningful to us. Seeing that she was treated respectfully and with dignity means so much to us.

Thank you providing the service that allowed us to honor her and love her in death as much as we loved her in life.

Best Regards,
Ian Potter and Kerri McIntosh

Hello Averil,

Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Summa. Also like to thank Dr. Bart for his kindness and gentle manner, and Chantal for her efficiency and of course your driver.

You have the most amazing team Averil, so thank you for being there for our Greyhounds.

SOS Greyhound Rescue

To Averil, Chantal, Gail, Yves and Fern,

Jakey Boy is back home where he belongs and I am so pleased with the urn and inscription.

Your service and the final product along with your own special touch, the signed card, the pin and certificate is just beautiful.

As your card reads, "the memory becomes a treasure" is so true and exactly how I feel.

Having used your service in 2000 and again in 2007, it is reassuring and comforting to know, that when the time comes, Pet Friends can be trusted to handle these final details with care and dignity at a sad and difficult time.

Thank you everyone very much!

Jan Johannessen

Dear Averil:

I want to thank you for the extraordinary service provided by Pet Friends. Gail was more than generous with her time and offered me advice which helped me come to terms my most difficult decision- whether I could be present at the time of the actual euthanization. She said I would know which was what occurred. I said my final good bye to my beloved Sebastian and knew immediately that he pass while being held in my arms.

The dignified presence of Fernand, his words and actions, were ceremonial. Seeing my little Sebastian at the feet of such a special man can only be described as spiritual.

Dr. Altschuler was outstanding.

Thank you Averil for recognizing the need for such a service and developing it with such sensitivity. It stands in stark contrast to the uncaring attitude prevalent in some elements within our culture.



"Thank you everyone at Pet Friends, you have made this process much easier for me as I know he was cared for with utmost dignity. You knew who he was, he wasn't just another number you had to process. I wish I could of thanked you today but I'm still devastated... I did not know about the paw print so thank you for offering it to me on the phone. It is the most beautiful keepsake. Thank you for being so wonderful."


"We give a big thanks to Averil and Pet Friends who showed such compassion in helping with Keya's journey and so understanding how hard it was to let her go. You are all special people! "

"I want to thank you for all the patience you have and for keeping in touch.

Thank you for the presentation of the package. It's very very well thought of and the little details are what makes the difference. It shows Pet friends really cares. The blanket smells Yoshi…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very grateful customer"


"Everyone at Pet Friends is amazing. Both of our cats and our bunny rabbit have been treated with the upmost compassion, respect and loving care. Bidding a family member goodbye is never easy. Every human that comes in contact with you can walk through the grieving process with a confidence in knowing that their loved ones are cared for. Every animal, and human, that comes in contact with you becomes a valued member of the Pet Friends Family. We humans and animals live in a better world because of people like all of you.

I do not know what we would do if you were not there"

Thank You
Lara and Trevor and our little Zoo

Dear Pet Friends,

Our entire family would like to take this moment to thank you for all you have done during a most trying time, your dedication to your work is evident and is seen throughout all those who are associated with Pet Friends. Everyone we have spoken to, or have met, has been professional, compassionate and most importantly empathetic. We would like to give a special thank you to Dr. Weissmann. We have never met anyone quite like her. She remained professional on her visit, yet showed an enormous amount of compassion for what our family was about to go through. She is passionate about her work with pets and we appreciated her reassuring words about such an unbearable decision. She didn't just "put our dog down" she helped ease the suffering of our beloved family member and for this, we will be eternally grateful. We are thankful to have all our "lost' pets at home with us and we remember them everyday through our "angel" pins. We have Pet Friends to thank for this. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and whenever we think of our pets, we can't help but think of all you have done for us. Thanks again!

The Morello Family

I would like to take this moment to thank all the people at Pet Friends, for their professionalism, understanding and compassion when we lose one of our dearest little friends. Your service in whole right down to the delivery of our loved one is beyond compare. I was so comforted by the knowledge that everything was done according to the regulations and laws of this Province. Knowing that Lola was treated with the honour and dignity she deserved, mine and my son Bruce's heartfelt thanks. Keep up the good work.
Kindest regard

Gail Farhood and Bruce Lemieux


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